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The Gimmick Rally is designed to provide a scenic, relaxing and fun afternoon for everyone, includingfamilies.Our theme this year is centeredon what was the first and most famous transcontinental “all-weather” road, the Lincoln Highway, begun in 1913, which passes through St. Charles and neighboring towns. Our route will pass historic and colorful stops of interest, and the rally will take about 2 and one-half hours to drive. The route will be simple and clearly described, with mileages and helper notes. The Gimmick Rally will be held the day after the TSD Rally, on a different scenic route, so you may enjoy participating in both rallies during Parade.

Lincoln Highway AdThe Gimmick “questions” will be fun, creative and provide just enough challenge for everyone. There will be classes for traditional driver/navigator teams, and for families of all ages and sizes, with trophies awarded at the Tuesday night Rally Banquet. Rally teams may drive any vehicle, to include tow vehicles and rental cars, with a minimum of two participants per vehicle and a maximum dictated only by the number of seatbelts!

To assist you in enjoying the rally and learning about this unique area of the country, information on the historic Lincoln Highway and local features will be included. There will be optional stops along the way, where you can view and visit attractions of interest. We hope you and your family will take this opportunity to experience the charm, history and heritage of northern Illinois.

For more information, contact Rally Chair Ellen Beck at or 301-788-0370.

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Click here to read an interesting story about a woman who recreated the journey of the first woman to drive cross-country, on what would become the Lincoln Highway, in a 1909 Maxwell.

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