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All Parade entrants who are artists, crafters and Porsche aficionados are invited to participate in the Art Show at the St. Charles Parade. The following competition categories will be open to adults, amateur or professional:

  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Classic Photography - Film and Digital
  • Enhanced Photography - Film and Digital
  • Computer Generated Art
  • Sculpture
  • Fiber Arts
  • Jewelry
  • Crafts

Please note that the categories are subject to change depending on the numbers and types of entrants.

The entries of children ages 15 and under will be displayed and judged as a group.

Qualified judges will select winners in various categories and for the Best of Show award. A Peoples Choice trophy will be awarded to the entrant selected by PCA members attending the Art Show.

If you plan on entering the Art Show, you must return the separate Art Show Entry Forms. These forms are required to be mailed by May 1st 2010 to:
Burt Misevic, 617 Valley Vista Drive.  Camarillo, CA 93010

Click HERE to download and print out the Art Show Entry Form


  1. Entrants must be current PCA members, affiliates or family members, and must be St. Charles Parade registrants.
  2. All art work must have express Porsche content, otherwise it will be disqualified. Each artist may enter up to two (2) pieces in each category. If you have multiple entries, please duplicate and submit the entry forms for each artwork entered.
  3. Artists must correctly classify themselves as amateur or professional (having sold or offered for sale their artwork within the past three years). The children’s category is open to ages 15 and under. Improper classification will risk disqualification.
  4. Entries must be handcrafted (no kits) properly framed, mounted or otherwise prepared for display and signed by the artist named on the entry. Entries in the competition categories must be entirely the work of the artist, not based on images created by others, and not directed or assisted by an instructor or other person.
  5. Entries must include an information label containing the artist’s name, title of piece, medium, and price in US. Dollars if the piece is for sale.
  6. Artwork that has previously been awarded at a Porsche Parade Art Show is not eligible for entry.
  7. Artwork may be displayed for sale. Sales transactions are strictly between the artist and prospective buyer. There will be no commission applied by PCA for these transactions. PCA will not collect payments for art sold and will not disburse payments to entrants for art sold. Art for sale must remain in the show until the scheduled pick-up date after the show closes. Art must be picked by the entrant. Items selling during the show may be marked as sold.  
  8. Entries will be hand delivered to the show and picked up by the entrant at the close of the show.
  9. Security will be provided during the show, but the Parade Committee and PCA accept no responsibility for loss or damage. No insurance is provided.
  10. The Art Show committee will have final determination on the determination of the interpretation of the rules pertaining to this event and reserves the right to reject or disqualify any entry that does not comply with these rules.
  11. It is anticipated that artwork will be displayed and judged in the categories listed. However the Art Show Committee may revise categories at the time of the show depending upon the actual entries.

Art Show Turn In

Artwork must be turned in:
Marsalis Ballroom, Pheasant Run Resort (close to the atrium)
Preferred Saturday, July 3rd, (1 PM to 5 PM), or   
Sunday, July 4th, 8 AM to 10AM 

Burt Misevic
St. Charles Parade Art Chair

If you have any questions or comments please contact Burt at:

Burt Misevic
617 Valley Vista Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010
(805) 482-7076

Art Show

Parade 2009 Art Show - Keystone, CO

Art Show



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